Sunday, November 15, 2009

Nov.14 '09 Santa Pictures and Art Gallery Day of the dead in Pomona


This weekend was fun, well since Thursday (Hang over Friday) for Hugo's Birth day party.. I'm Just going post some Drunk Photography.. and Saturdays Photoshoot With Santa and activities that Anaheim Ballets Nutcracker Market Place had to offer at Anaheim Garden Walk. Im also showing some of Saturdays Art Show in Pomona Micailhuitl(Day of the dead) was sick a lot of talented artist and a lot of cool people, so if you did not attend you missed out! Sick art and a lot of talent... well enough with words and check the pictures, with some of the best artist in this side of Califas. Enjoy

Drunk Photography
This pictures where taken after my friends hugos B-day party i was on the laying on the ground being drunk hahahaha the i call this
"the Perception of a 40oz and a Photographer"

Anaheim Ballet Nutcracker Market Place in Anaheim Garden Walk.
well i hope you guys like em. so for some reasons or ther i have to take the ballet pictures down.... but will be up soon

Micailhuitl (Day of the Dead)Gallery show With Edgar Hoil

Friday, November 13, 2009

Classic Pinup

hey guys well i think its about time id posed this pictures, my friends Gaby & Karen, helped out with the hair and make up also with the concept it was much fun even tho we got the boot from the first place but then we found another beach in Laguna, no one bother us but we did have time against us this are just some of the pictures... very soon ill post more picture of the other girls.. but for now enjoy...

well I hope you like them post some a comment, it would be extremely nice if you did.

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